the-vert-du-maroc-sahara - Copycartemaroc Privilege is a Receptive Travel Agency with experience of over 35 years in the field of tourism, and the Corporate event through the Kingdom of Morocco and abroad. We will process your requests: - Booking and Issuance of airline tickets - Transfers between airport and cities - Provision of our luxury cars with professional drivers - Reservation of hotels, villas and riads - Design your circuits: Imperial Cities, Grand Sahara, Seaside - Living Theme: Eco-tourism, golf, spa, adventure, Also, organize your Privilege Travel: Seminars, incentives, conferences and event. The Staff Privilege Travel will provide you with the knowledge to excel and to organize all your requests. Privilege Travel Claw exceptional travel

Morocco: Your preferred destination 15 km from Europe (through the Straits of Gibraltar), facing the Americas (across the Atlantic Ocean) to the tip of the African continent, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is a tourist dream destination. Many civilizations have lived in Moroccan soil, Arab and Muslim countries: Phoenicians, Vandals, Romans (ruins at Volubilis), Portuguese, Spanish, French and other peoples. Morocco is known for its charming and spontaneous people home for its idyllic landscapes, cultural traditions and artistic millennia (craft developed, attractive architecture and monuments ), its renowned gastronomy and rich in its diversity (pastillas, tagines meat and lemon chicken, barbecue, couscous, pastries ).